In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our five top stories from this week:

Story No. 1: 4 Employers With Great Part-Time Benefits
Whether you're using part-time work as a weigh station between full-time jobs, or just looking to profit from your spare time, positions that offer benefits are truly value-added. Learn about the generous offerings from companies that are hiring including Starbucks (Stock Quote: SBUX), UPS (Stock Quote: UPS) and Walgreens (Stock Quote: WAG).

Story No. 2: Meet the 58 Cent Mojito!
One of the best ways to keep happy hour happy is to keep the drinks tab low. Here's MainStreet's take on this citrusy and minty summer drink, including what you'll need to buy and how to mix it up. What a refreshing difference it makes when the price of the drink is small change.

Story No. 3: Recall Watch: Zicam May Rob Sense of Smell

Consumers with colds and allergies are being urged to stop using certain Zicam sprays and swabs because they’ve linked to a loss of the sense of smell, and the products are being pulled off the market by Matrixx Initiatives (Stock Quote: MTXX). Even while withdrawing Zicam products, the company maintains that they are safe.

Story No. 4: 10 Father's Day Gifts Under $40
There's still time to honor pops! He may be a fashionisto or more into casual looks, a weekend handyman or a sun-loving layabout. No matter what, MainStreet has great, and affordable, gift suggestions. Bookmark this story for the old man's birthday, too.

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Story No. 5: Diet Pills Recalled on Reports of Liver Damage
MainStreet understands that trimming pounds can also save you money, but losing weight should never come at the expense of your health. If you’re using dietary supplements to lose fat as you shed layers of clothes this summer, you are going to want to steer clear of Hydroxcut to avoid potentially fatal liver damage. Here's what you need to know about the FDA's warning.