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In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our 5 top stories from this week:

1.) Zune Pass v. iTunes: Which Is a Better Value?
MainStreet pitted Microsoft’s Zune Pass service against Apple’s dominant iTunes store in a no-holds barred savings deathmatch. Read through to find out if all the advertising hype compares to the bottomline price.

2.) Why Judge Sotomayor Should Save More
Is it fair to call newly nominated Supreme Court Judge Sotomayor a “spender who lives paycheck to paycheck?” And if the statement is true, what kind of message could such habits send to average consumers? MainStreet takes Sotomayor’s personal finances to task as all eyes focus on her future confirmation hearings.

3.) Who’s Hiring Part-Time: Six Flags and Toll Roads
This week in our Who’s Hiring Now series, we’ve got you covered for some unique part- time employment opportunities. Check out the pay rates and submit some resumes to Six Flags amusement parks, the NJ Turnpike Authority and the NY State Thruway.

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4.) Un-broke: Can the Stars Solve Your Money Problems?
Financial crisis got you down? Don’t worry! Celebrities are here to help. MainStreet examines whether an entertaining ABC TV special can take personal finance to prime time. We even spoke with Mellody Hobson, the mastermind behind the whole program. (Follow the personal finance blogosphere's take on the show live on Twitter)

5.) How to Unload Unwanted Gift Cards
If you find yourself in possession of an unwanted gift card, have no fear. These days, the gift card market is more liquid than ever thanks to a growing online secondary market. A number of web sites allow you to buy, sell and trade unwanted gift cards so you can really get what you want.