In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our 5 top stories from this week:

Story #1 – Cramer Takes On the White House, Frank Rich and Jon Stewart
Behold the article that set the world on fire. The basic cable TV world, that is. Before the media was talking about Jim Cramer going on The Daily Show to defend himself, Jon Stewart was reading Jim’s response here on MainStreet.

Story #2 – 10 Tax Breaks for Small Businesses
Tax deadlines are rapidly approaching (less than a month to go) and most small business owners have other pressing recession-related concerns on their mind. That’s why MainStreet is helping them out with this handy list of 10 need-to-know tax breaks they can’t afford to forget.

Story #3 – 5 Spring Break Bargains
In the coming weeks college students across the country are trading in dorm rooms and syllabi for tropical hotels and travel itineraries. But even if you don’t have plans yet, see how last minute spring break bargains are on the rise. There may still be a glut of cheap hotel rooms and travel packages. Reading Farnoosh Torabi’s list of 5 deals could end up saving you 80% off cruise brochure prices.

Story #4 – Why Facebook Is Your Budget’s Best Friend
Sure, it sounds like a bit of a stretch, but with budgets as tight as they have become, free online services like Facebook can offer a tremendous amount of value to those looking for employment and ways to save. Plus with today’s latest release of a redesigned (and surprisingly more Twitter-like) Facebook homepage, you’ll be able to keep track of your contacts and opportunities in absolute real time.

Story #5 – Protect Yourself from Counterfeit Bills
What would you do if your bank ATM spit out a few dubious looking bills? Would you know how to spot a fake? Who would you complain to and how would you get them to believe your story? Read on for some ways to rectify the situation including how to get in touch with your primary contact – the Secret Service.