MainStreet aims to bring you a summary of the best personal finance content from around the Web. After harvesting the ever-expanding personal finance blogosphere, MainStreet thinks you should check these sites out:

Free Money Finance has some interesting analysis on what people are not willing to sacrifice in a tough economy.

Get Rich Slowly shows off how to be thrifty with an old school educational film from 1948.

MoneyNing lays down a comprehensive list of 40 precautions for preventing identity theft.

Wise Bread explains 6 ways dieting and budgeting are exactly the same.

Being Frugal ponders where social lending stands in the realm of good and bad debt.

Five Cent Nickel explains how limits on itemized income tax deductions work.

Lazy Man And Money details some short-term and long-term ways to save on utilities.

takes a look at how impossible it is to live on minimum wage.

Amateur Asset Allocator proposes two controversial industries with good long-term economics.

The Simple Dollar presents the savings from waiting a year to buy a Super Bowl TV.

The Tip’d Blog has a list of 25 essential web tools to manage your finances.

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