MainStreet aims to bring you a summary of the best personal finance content from around the web. After harvesting the vastly expanding personal finance blogosphere, we think you should check these out:

Frugal Dad
answers the question, “Where should large student loans fit into your debt snowball plan?”

Five Cent Nickel
spits out 10 common income tax credits.

Free Money Finance ponders the value of playing "The Grocery Game."

Bargain Babe wants you to enjoy a free coffee from McDonald’s McCafe this month (Stock Quote: MCD).

Get Rich Slowly posts the results of his Twitter survey with some of the best ways to afford eating organic.

MoneyNing explains what everyone ought to know when applying for free stuff.

Being Frugal investigates alternatives to using credit cards for online shopping.

Amateur Asset Allocator gives some preemptive advice with his five tips to prepare for a layoff in advance.

The Simple Dollar compares our current expenses to the bills our parents paid.

PennySeeds offers eight things you can do with the new homeowner’s credit.

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