In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our 5 top stories from this week:

1.) The Hidden Costs of Amazon's Kindle
Folks who are planning to cultivate an elibrary should be aware that their ebooks may need to be replaced as technologies evolve. Even though Amazon calls the iPhone “a perfect companion for your Kindle,” if you’ve exceeded your allowed number of downloads for certain texts, it could make reading an ebook on your iPhone just another added expense.

2.) Road Trip! More Buses Offer Wifi, Cheap Fares
Traveling by bus is the hip way to save this summer thanks to convenient routes, cheap fares (as low as a dollar), no luggage fees and wireless Internet access. There are other perks too.

3.) Who's Hiring Full-Time: Publix, Rent-a-Center, Pier 1
This week in our Who’s Hiring Now series, we’ve got you covered for some unique full- time employment opportunities. Check out the pay rates and submit some resumes to Publix and Pier 1.

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4.) IVF Savings: Consider Shared Egg Donation
Would-be parents who want to work with an egg donor, but who don't have the $30,000 in-vitro fertilization costs, have hope. Many fertility centers now give their recipient patients the option of splitting the egg donation costs with another couple.

5.) 4 Employers With Great Part-Time Benefits
Whether part-time work is a weigh station between full-time jobs, or a way to profit from spare time, positions that offer benefits are truly sought after. Learn about the generous offerings from companies that are hiring including Starbucks and Walgreens.