In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our 5 top stories from this week:

1.) 7 Lucrative Careers, No Degree Required
Does going back to school seem too expensive? There are plenty of good jobs that don’t require you to go into $200,000 of debt for a four-year college degree. Here are seven that should give you some motivation to start your job search.

2.) How to Steal a Job from Teenagers
With unemployment numbers rising, it’s not fair to let teens get all the seasonal work this summer. Adults have more responsibilities and potentially more debt. So jump into action with this foolproof plan detailing how you can start earning again while the weather is warm.

3.) iPhone 3G S: Hidden Costs Revealed
Saying the newest iPhone announced earlier this week will cost the ‘same price’ as last year’s model is a misleading statement. In reality you could be paying almost $400 more than you thought.

4.) A Healthy Meal at McDonald’s: Can It Be Done?

To save money, Americans are flocking to the McDonald’s dollar menu, but is it possible to get a nutritious, filling and healthy meal for just a couple of bucks? MainStreet talked to some nutrition experts and got the real deal.

5.) 10 Careers With Real Job Security

There are jobs out there just itching to be filled. Last week, Manpower, a large staffing firm, released its annual survey of the 10 hardest jobs to fill. After surveying 2,000 U.S. employers, they came up with this list…