In case you missed anything, here is a recap of our five top stories from this week:

1. Cramer: Starbucks Sends the Wrong Signal
There was no holding back this week when our very own Jim Cramer announced he wouldn’t be frequenting Starbucks for his regular caffeinated indulgence anytime soon. We also received a strong response from you, the readers, weighing in on the issue of whether or not Starbucks coffee has become a status symbol given the tough times of this recession.

2. Small Biz 101: How to Start a Cupcake Shop
It’s time to face the brutally honest truth: Everyone loves cupcakes. That’s why Farnoosh Torabi outlined exactly how an ambitious entrepreneur could start a cupcake shop from scratch in his or her own hometown. Loaded with quotes and advice from actual cupcake shop owners, you can practically smell the fresh-baked goodness coming from this article.

3. $25 Dinner Party: 7 Tips for Budget Hosting
Having a few friends over for a dinner party doesn’t have to break the bank. Use some of MainStreet’s tried and true money saving tips to make an entire quality meal for the price of a restaurant appetizer. Let your friends bring the wine, choose the right type of steak and soak up those savings.

4. 4 New Rules that Matter To Your Credit Score

Among the recent major changes to how credit scores are calculated is the set of standards allowing credit card owners with infrequent late payments to escape unharmed. At the same time, those with frequent delinquencies will get hammered like never before. This article explains when to keep up your guard and when to breathe easy in your battle for credit.

5. Extreme Real Estate: Run Away To Uruguay
Although it’ll take a good 24 hours to fly there, upon arrival in Uruguay, prospective buyers will be amazed with the beautiful and astounding deals on the high and low ends of the real estate market. With housing doom dominating the headlines, perhaps it’s time for a change in perspective—and hemisphere?