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Here are our top stories from the week of January 26:

Story #1– 5 Tips for Greening Your Home
Did you know even when your computer is on sleep mode it is actively increasing your utility bill? To help save you money MainStreet offered some quick tips on how to save money around your pad.

Story #2 – Cramer: Saving for College in Tough Times
Our own Jim Cramer offers tips and explains how to stay financially on top of your quest for higher education.

Story #3 – What is Your Resume Worth?
Ever thought about paying $500 for a resume? For many satisfied customers this expense has been well worth the rewards.

Story #4 – MainStreet Explains: Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approved
Do you know the difference between pre-qualified and pre-approved mortgages? To clear up the confusion, MainStreet fleshed out the details in this handy guide.

Story #5 – The Best Bikes for Your Budget
Keeping tight budgets and the need to conserve in mind, MainStreet put together a comprehensive list of great deals on two wheels.