It's become a truism that most everything you buy is made in China. And in the past few years that hasn’t exactly made American consumers feel too confident about their purchases, as many Chinese-made products have come under fire for issues like toys covered in lead paint, industrial chemicals in pet food and tainted milk.

That's a lot of problems. However, one recent ad campaign has tried to boost the image of items produced in China with the slogan, "Made in China, made with the world."

After the success of the Chinese Olympics, Communist party officials decided they wanted to boost the success of their products globally, but to do so, they needed to boost their brand first. They needed the world to trust them again.

So, China’s Advertising Association of Commerce hired DDG Guoan, the Chinese branch of DDB, a global advertising agency based in Manhattan. As USA Today reports, the goal of the ad that they created is to inform consumers here in America and abroad that yes, these items are made in China, but your country probably helped, too.

More from USA Today: "Commercials for the campaign just ended a six-week run on cable networks in the United States, Europe and Asia. One of the 30-second spots shows a couple of teen girls dancing at a bus stop using an MP3 player 'Made in China with software from Silicon Valley.' Another shows a jogger tying his sneakers 'Made in China with American sports technology.'"

So, to put it differently, next time your child gets sick from lead paint or tainted milk, remember, it's partly your fault, too. Thanks, China!

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