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Look Smart With PhotoSave DVDs

This gadget will search more than 80 different formats to find your images.

LOS ANGELES -- Most people, including mobile executives, have hundreds of photos floating around on their hard drives. These new PhotoSave DVDs actually contain software that will automatically search your PC for photos and then burn them onto the DVD. These discs will also search for photos directly from a digital camera, memory card or USB drive.

Next, if you're just starting a business, or have a small business on the side, you might cut some start-up costs by using a program like, Print Shop Deluxe. Gadget Grrl says it's basically a desktop publishing program that enables you to create letterhead, envelopes, business cards, photo books, brochures or even company manuals.

Now let's take a look at PhotoSave.

Verbatim PhotoSave DVD
$14.99/5 pack
(Will be available at electronics stores.)

PhotoSave DVDs will search for photos on your PC, digital camera, memory card or USB drive and then burn them onto the disc.

Each disc can hold approximately 2,000 photos.

What I liked about these discs is that they recognize all formats, so if you've got .gif's or .jpg's, the DVD will search and burn those and as many as 80 other formats. You also don't have to burn the DVD all at once. The built-in software keeps track of how full the DVD is, so you know how many more you can burn onto it.

The discs run on Windows 2000, XP and Vista and you'll need a DVD-R writer.

The reason to burn discs is as a back-up in case your hard drive or external drive is damaged.

Print Shop Deluxe
Click here for more info

What I liked about this program is that if you've never used a desktop program before, this one is so easy to use that you'll be designing labels, newsletters or even motivational awards in no time.

Included in the program are more than 370,000 images and graphics and more than 21,000 design project templates to get you up and going, and that's helpful if you're not the creative type.

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