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More Americans are working past traditional retirement age, either for financial reasons or because of lengthening lifespans and medical advancements that allow them to enjoy good health until a later age.

But it can be daunting to think about having to work in your 70s or 80s if you had planned until recently to knock off much earlier.

Here are some tips on how to make working longer more satisfying:

1. Consult. Many companies are in need of guidance from experienced workers; you may even be able to consult for the one you are leaving.

2. Downgrade your career to a job with less stress and social interaction.

3. Work seasonally.

4. Job-share. Find a co-worker who also wants to cut back.

5. Work from home.

6. Turn your hobby into a profit center. Writing (freelance), sports (coaching), cooking (catering), music (teaching) and many other hobbies can be turned into ways to make money.

7. Be sure you're enjoying the fruits of your labor. Create a happy environment at home by taking a portion of your money and treating yourself and spouse.

8. Find inexpensive hobbies such as gardening or painting to work on at home. There are several psychological benefits to coming home after work and working on an enjoyable, relaxing project.

— Source: Judy Lau, former president of the Institute for Certified Financial Planners, a predecessor to the Financial Planning Association, and president of Lau Associates LLC in Wilmington, Del.

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