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NEW YORK (MainStreet) — LinkedIn just made it a whole lot easier to keep up with your favorite companies and brands.

The social networking site launched a “follow company” button on Monday, which any business can add to its homepage in order to give visitors a shortcut to track their updates on LinkedIn. So far, several big-name companies including Starbucks, AT&T and Sony Electronics have said they would add the button.

The button is essentially LinkedIn’s version of Twitter’s “follow” button or Facebook’s “like” button for brands. When you click “follow company,” you will automatically subscribe to receive news updates from that business in your LinkedIn news feed (as long as you’re signed in to LinkedIn when you click it). But that’s where the similarities between LinkedIn and these other social networks end.

Let’s say you opt to follow updates from Starbucks. On Twitter, most of the company’s updates are responses to or retweets of customer feedback. On LinkedIn, however, most of their updates are about job postings and new hires. That may be irrelevant to most customers, but it’s fantastic information for those interested in working at Starbucks.

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This information was available before, but it took a couple of extra steps to get to, as users had to manually search for companies and then choose to subscribe.

As MainStreet has reported before, subscribing to your dream companies on LinkedIn is one of the best ways find out about job opportunities quickly and to keep track of important developments in your industry. The more valuable information you can get streamed to you automatically, the easier your job hunt will be.

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