During my first couple of weeks here as editor in chief, you've written me and told me what you want to see. Well, I've heard you.

So we're making a few changes to the site. The first is enormous. Beginning Sept. 10, commentary that appears on


no longer will run on


the following day. While some articles -- primarily written by our staff -- will appear on both sites simultaneously, you'll need to subscribe to


to read our leading market commentators -- Gary B. Smith, Helene Meisler, Jim Cramer and Herb Greenberg -- as well as our other premium content such as Todd Harrison's Trading Diary, Columnist Conversation and Trading Track.

We're doing this for two reasons: We want our premium content to be truly proprietary, and, as editor in chief, I want




to be two distinct sites. You go to


for market commentary that tells you how and where you can make money now. Come to


to get the inside story on the day's financial news.

In recent weeks, we've introduced "Mutual Fund Monday" and "The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week." More investment initiatives like these will roll out soon on both sites.

I have a treat this week for our


subscribers and listeners to Jim Cramer's RealMoneyTalk, our radio program that's currently available in 14 metropolitan areas. This week on RealMoneyTalk and


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, Jim will unveil his "Hurtin' Thirty," a list of dud stocks that you should sell now. Jim will roll out six new stocks to chuck every day this week. Look for Jim's first installment this afternoon.

OK, so you're not a


subscriber. What's in this for you? Well, I'll give you the first of the 30, then you can tune in to RealMoneyTalk or subscribe to


for the remaining 29.

Ready? Unload

Tut Systems


. The company has too many broadband customers that went broke.

All right. All right. You want to know the remaining 29 stocks. At least one of them could crater your portfolio. Here's how you can get them. To discover if you live in one of the 14 areas that carry RealMoneyTalk,

click here.

We're adding new stations each week, but to speed things along, give your local radio station a call and ask the program director to add RealMoneyTalk to its lineup.

Of course, there's an easier way. Just

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Let's stay



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