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July's Best Buys

The Fourth of July ushers in some good deals for savvy shoppers.

July is packed with great deals starting with Fourth of July sales. You can find everything from refrigerators to clothing at deep discounts. As stores start to open up again, many will be offering additional deals to entice consumers. Here are some of the best buys you will find for this month.

Summer Clothing and Swimwear

It seems like just as we are starting to wear our summer wardrobe; stores are already starting to think about back-to-school and fall clothing. So now is actually a good time to get deals on swimwear, sandals, summer clothing, and light jackets. If shopping online check for any coupon or promotional codes before clicking on the purchase button. 

For items such as swimwear, be sure to find out what the return policy is. And I always have to mention to hold onto your receipts. Many stores, even with online purchases, offer a price adjustment policy. This means if the item you buy goes down in price within a certain period (usually 14 days) you can receive the difference between what you paid and the new price back.


Experts suggest wearing sunscreen all year, but especially in the summer months. And as the sun heats up so will the deals on a range of skin protection products. So, stock up. You can expect to find savings throughout July and August. Experts recommend looking for sunscreens that protect against both UVA and UVB radiation. I always suggest following your favorite products on social media. Often times manufacturers will offer special promotions and coupons for their followers. If you try a product and get a reaction, most stores will allow you to return the item so hang onto your receipts.


If you have been in the market for a new refrigerator, now might be the best time to score a deal. Sales will start with Fourth of July deals and continue throughout the month. If you are a member of the military, a veteran or a senior, ask about additional discounts off the sale price.

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I always check to see if there are any refurbished or “open box” items. These are items that have been returned, have a cosmetic flaw or were used as floor samples but the savings can be significant. Sometimes these products will not have all of the original packaging but as long as all of the parts are included you should be good to go. And make sure the store offers the same warranty as if you were purchasing a new item. Certain credit cards offer an additional year of warranty coverage simply for being a cardholder, so check with your credit card companies before making your purchase. 

To increase your savings, look for Energy Star models. These are appliances that use less energy and may help you save money on your monthly energy bills. Check with your local gas and electric company to see if they offer rebates for replacing your old refrigerator.

Gym Memberships

Since health clubs were basically shut for most of 2020, many are offering deals as they open back up. Historically July has been a good month to find a deal on gym memberships, but this year the deals might be a bit sweeter. If you are unsure about joining a gym, ask for some free passes before signing any agreement. Make sure you are aware of any new rules regarding limits on how many members can be working out at the same time. If you are only able to work out during the busiest hours, it might not be worth your time and money to join.

Jeanette Pavini is an Emmy Award winning journalist specializing in consumer news and protection. She is the author of “The Joy of $aving: Money Lessons I Learned From My Italian-American Father & 20 Years as a Consumer Reporter.” Jeanette is a regular contributor to TheStreet. Her work includes reporting for CBS, MarketWatch, WSJ Sunday, and USA Today. Jeanette has contributed to “The Today Show” and a variety of other media outlets. You can follow her moneysaving tips and ways to give back on Facebook: Jeanette Pavini: The Joy of $aving Community. Find links to her social media and her book at