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If you're looking for work, every advantage counts. That's why it makes sense to focus on areas that are the closest match to your skillset.

Specialized or niche job Web sites, those targeted toward a certain profession, such as engineers (, or group, such as retirees (, are a good place to start.

Employers increasingly seek more specialized applicants, making these sites all the more useful for job seekers, says Connie Thanasoulis, a partner with career consultancy Six-Figure Start and a former recruiter for Merrill Lynch.

Here are 10 great niche job sites:

1. This is the go-to site for jobs in technology. Companies like Dell (Stock Quote: DELL), NVIDIA and Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) post jobs to the site regularly, along with non-technology companies looking for IT workers. Apply online or upload a resume for recruiters to view. For $29.99 per month you can see who has viewed your resume and be sure your resume places high when your area of expertise is searched.

2. The influx of cash from President Obama’s economic stimulus plan will lead to a host of new job opportunities in state and local government. Use this site to search for jobs in government offices throughout the U.S.

3. The financial sector has been hit hard, but the surviving companies are still hiring. This site features jobs in areas such as accounting, finance and insurance. Check out the “emergency career toolkit” full of tips for keeping your career in gear, even during the downturn.

4. Healthcare and pharma remain strong industries, even during the recession. This site features jobs from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies like Amgen, Teva and Baxter. Jobs range from entry-level drug sales reps to full-fledged medical and engineering positions.

5. This site saves educators the task of scouring the Internet for jobs in each individual school district. Executive, administrative and teaching jobs from around the country are aggregated here. Applicants can narrow searches based on subjects and grade levels taught. For an even more targeted search, try state-specific sites like in California or in New York.

6. Head to this site for jobs in food service, hotels and tourist attractions. In addition to listings, there are free features like tips on writing cover letters, continuing education resources and a salary and cost of living calculator with advice on negotiating a raise.

7. Job seekers with backgrounds in marketing, advertising or sales come to this site to check out offerings from employers including The Walt Disney Company (Stock Quote: DIS) and the blueberry division of Driscolls Berries. Posting a resume is free, as are downloadable resources like industry magazines and more than 350 informational videos about various sales careers.

8. This site is for anyone involved in the production of creative content, including editorial assistants, journalists and editors as well as those in media sales and advertising. In addition to the free job listings, there is a place to advertise availability for freelancing as well as career-related online courses and seminars.

9. This site plays the middleman for freelancers looking for contract work in industries like business consulting, graphic design and law. Job seekers can upload resumes and search and bid on jobs. helps project managers award bids and even provides a safe online payment method to help guarantee a smooth delivery.

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