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Americans unable to find a job last year might not be surprised to hear that more than half of the job openings in 2009 weren’t given to outsiders.

About 51% of full-time jobs filled last year were taken by people who were promoted or hired internally, according to The Wall Street Journal. As for the 49% who were hired from outside of a company, referrals from current employees led to 27% of new hires, the Journal reports.

That’s further support for the idea that business connections might actually be more valuable than a solid résumé. The rest of the jobs filled last year were advertised on job boards like, and, staffing strategy firm CareerXroads told the Journal.

But Americans who are still unemployed, or stuck in jobs that aren’t their ideal can take heart this year. About 48% of employers surveyed by CareerXroads expect to increase hiring in 2010.

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