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Personal Finance Focus: Job Hunting, Taxes, Saving Money

Among the best personal finance and retirement stories from TheStreet this week: job-hunting, taxes and money-saving tips.
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When you're coping with a pandemic, even the simplest everyday tasks take on added dimensions of difficulty. That's why, in this week's personal finance and retirement roundup, we're highlighting new ways to save money, look for work, and even find your overdue tax refund.

Let's start with smart tactics for getting your foot in the door and selling yourself in a challenging job market in Job Hunting From Home: 4 Tips for Getting Hired. Ways to fine-tune your at-home job hunt include building your skills, applying for jobs that you think might be a stretch (broaden your horizons!) and highlight your adaptability by showcasing personality traits and attitudes like flexibility, empathy and creativity, known as soft skills.  

More smart strategy stories this week:

Millions of Taxpayers Are Desperate for Refunds, but Still Waiting: The IRS is opening up after a long shutdown. Using tax refunds to catch up on bills is a common practice among strapped households; they can't hold on much longer.

3D Home Tours Are All the Rage in Real Estate: You can see things you can't see with regular photos, and they let buyers and sellers keep their distance. Here's how 3D tours work, and the pros and cons.

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What Should You Do With Your Credit Card Points and Miles?: The pandemic is severely limiting travel. Rewards can lose value over time, so if you can, use them to help preserve cash.

Do This, Not That: How to Save Money in a Crisis: Probably the last thing you want to think about during a crisis is working on healthy financial habits like saving money. But if you’re able to save, you can make your eventual recovery easier.

And here are some of the best stories this week from Robert Powell's Retirement Daily:

And with the extended deadline coming up next week to file your federal tax return for 2019, don't miss FICA and Withholding: Everything You Need to Know.