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Time to focus on contributions for Uniform Gifts to Minors. At least in the Cramer household. We have seen a dramatic decline in the funds we use for our kids, which means it is time to break the once-a-month contribution and put more money to work than usual.

What’s precipitating this “panic” into the market? Things like the CGM Capital Development (LOMCX) fund’s astounding 18% decline last month. That’s just shocking to me, especially because it is my number one fund mentioned in Stay Mad for Life.

Of course, if I were an investor in a hedge fund, I would be calling that manager and saying, “Nice run, I am out of here.”

But my kids have years and years before they need the money, so it is time to fall back to the other way of thinking, the long term, and put in three months of money right now instead of spacing it out.

Believe me, it is tempting to put all of it in at once, but this market is so tricky I would like to have a call on another bad month before I decide to put more money in.

I picked CGM because of Ken Heebner’s ability to invest in bad times, not just good times. I believe he will get his bearings and come roaring back.

In the meantime, I am getting a chance to take advantage of a great manager’s work at a lower basis than I thought possible.

Same thing with contributions to the Fidelity Funds we use. My youngest—we have them in a bunch of different funds with Fidelity—saw her UGMA drop $5,000 in July. Intolerable?

No, opportunity. Same contribution going there, three months’ worth.

If your mutual funds are showing that same kind of reduction in value, then it is time to put more money in than you normally would.

And how about those hedge funds investors that would be pulling out right now? Hedge funds use leverage, hedge funds short, hedge funds are hot and cold. I can’t blame someone for wanting to take money out and put it with the hottest hand for a few months.

I am not allowed to invest in hedge funds, but they aren’t suited for children for certain. Let those investors do what they want: It is time for me to put three months of money in for one month because that’s worked for me and for my kids before, and I believe it will work again. That’s the only kind of timing I like to do.