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We know that this is coming a little late in the day, but wanted to make sure you knew about this little known holiday before it ended. The way it started was pretty simple, as its founder, Julie Thompson explains.

“A lot of times I’d be out in my own little world, ignoring everyone around me, and I’m not as conscious as I should be about how I’m impacting other people,” she said.

So in 2006, Thompson, who’s an environmental consultant in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida by day, decided to create National Inconvenience Yourself Day. Here’s what you’re supposed to do:  take a look at how your actions impact other people and try to make a positive change. It’s something that Thompson tries to do every day.

Today for example, she was rushing to a grocery store. She parked and was on her way inside when she realized that there was a shopping cart in the middle of the lot, blocking a bunch of cars that were trying to get out. So she turned around and walked a few car lengths out of her way to move the cart, for which a woman in the first blocked car was very appreciative.

“You should have seen the smile on the woman’s face because she didn’t have to get out of the car and move the cart,” said Thompson. “You get a lot of thanks and you get a lot of smiles and it really does make a difference. It sure makes my life better.”

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So how did she make February 24 into National Inconvenience Yourself Day? It was a pretty easy process.

Chase’s Calendar of Events is a book published by McGraw Hill every year which literally lists every holiday under the sun. Thompson applied for holiday status – it was free – and shortly thereafter it was official. She had her holiday.

There is a business side to this endeavor as well. Thompson sells a number of products that feature the holiday’s logo, including bookmarks, journals and wristbands, among other things.

It’s still a relatively new holiday and congress hasn’t quite made it official yet, but Thompson is finding that there are people participating.  Wilson Memorial High School in Fishersville, Virginia is celebrating and Thompson says she learned about a library in Buffalo, NY that is asking their Twitter followers to come to the library and check out a book for someone who is stuck at home for one reason or another. We couldn't find that entry, but there are plenty of other who have taken note.

Every holiday has to start somewhere, isn’t that right, International Talk Like a Pirate Day?