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We've transformed our growing financial news and commentary offering into a network of free and paid sites.

For subscribers,



is your new home page, a subscription service with a new look, new features and increased interaction with your favorite columnists. You'll get the best financial commentary on the Web, and you'll get it first.



is free, chockfull of news, analyses about companies, and personal finance information.

Change is often unsettling, but it is a necessary ingredient when making improvements. In making the changes to our site, we've sought to minimize discomfort by keeping a number of things as familiar as possible. For instance, current subscribers should find that their old passwords work at




will give you access to everything on


, plus:

James J. Cramer's Trading Diary: a real-time account of the hedge fund manager's thoughts and plays -- updated throughout the trading day.

Columnist Conversation: a new message board in which our columnists talk with each other and provide their takes on the market and the day's news. You get to listen in.

Columnists will appear first on RealMoney.com. Many of these columns will subsequently appear on TheStreet.com, but on a delayed basis of at least 24 hours.

Exclusive online chats: Your real-time access to our columnists.

Message boards: Another way to interact with our columnists -- and other members of the exclusive RealMoney community.

Portfolio Tracker and Real-Time Quotes: The tools you need. At your fingertips.



, you will get the latest news, the best markets stories and features anywhere, top-notch corporate coverage and our award-winning personal finance coverage, including the popular

Personal Finance Saturday


At both sites, the creamy yellow background will be replaced by a white background. The navigation bar on the left side will be improved, and tabs at the top of the page will enable you to quickly move through


network of sites, including




. That way you can easily reach the markets stories from


or go from Cramer's trading diary to a personal finance story.

Our aim, as ever, is to provide the very best financial news and commentary. Through our new network offerings, we are confident that we will be able to scratch your financial itch, whatever it might be.

If you've got any questions, please feel free to email our customer support staff at

members@thestreet.com. Change is coming, and we're excited!

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