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American International Group (Stock Quote: AIG) is being bailed out.

At the very least, this company, which handles virtually every type of insurance on earth, among other things, has two years to get its finances in order.

In the meantime how will this pan out with AIG’s subsidiary insurance companies, many of which are not obviously linked to their parent company?

Check back for MainStreet updates on which insurance companies may undergo some changes in the near future. Until then, here is a working list of some of AIG’s insurance subsidiaries, is yours on the list?

Stay tuned for more UPDATES!

-SunAmerica Life Insurance Company (Disability and Life Insurance)
-AIG SunAmerica Life Assurance Company (Disability, Life and Variable Annuity)

-21st Century Insurance Group (Individual Insurance)
-Landmark Ins. Co.
-21st Century Casualty Co.
-21st Century Ins. Co.
-Pacific Union ASR Co.
-American International Pacific Ins.

-American International Pacific Ins.

-Hartford Sm. Boil Inspection & Ins.
-Hartford Sm. Boil Inspection IC of CT

-AIG Marketing, Inc. (Individual Insurance)
-American Life Ins. Co.
-Lexington Ins. Co.
-AIG Life Ins. Co.
-AIG Excess Liability Ins. Co. LTD
-Delaware American Life Ins. Co.
-American International Ins. Co. of DE
-American Life Ins. Co.

-American General Property Insurance Company (based in Florida)

-AIG Agency Auto (Individual Insurance)

-AIG Hawaii (Individual Insurance)
-American Pacific Ins. Company

-American General Assurance Co.
-Illinois National Ins. Co.
-American General Indemnity Co.
-American Intl. Specialty Lines Ins. Co.

-Merit Life Ins. Co.
-Yosemite Ins. Co.

-National Union Fire Ins. Co. of La.
-Audubon Ins. Co.

-AIG Advantage Ins. Co.

-AGC Life Ins. Co.

-Audubon Ins. Co.

North Carolina
-United Gauranty MTG. Ins. Co. of NC
-United Guaranty Mortgage Ins. Co.
-United Guaranty Ins. Co.
-United Guaranty Credit Ins. Co.
-United Guaranty Coml. Ins. Co. of NC
-United Guar Residential Ins. Co. of NC
-United Guaranty Residential Ins. Co.
-United Guaranty Mortgage Indem. Co.

New Jersey
-AIG Global Trade & Pol. Risk Ins. Co.
-American International Ins. Co. of NJ
-AIG Auto Ins. Co. of New Jersey

New York
-American International Life ASR Co. of NY
-First SunAmerica Life Ins. Co.
-AIU Ins. Co.
-American International Ins. Co.
-American Home ASR Co.
-AIG National Ins. Co. Inc.
-Putnam Reinsurance Co.
-Transatlantic Reinsurance Co.
-Commerce & Industry Ins. Co.
-United States Life Ins. Co. in NYC

-National Union Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh
-AIG Centennial Ins. Co.
-New Hampshire Indemnity Co. Inc.
-AIG Preferred Ins. Co.
-AIG Indemnity Ins. Co.
-American International South Ins. Co.
-AIG Premier Ins. Co.
-Granite State Ins. Co.
-AIG Casualty Co.
-Ins. Co. of The State of Pennsylvania
-New Hampshire Ins. Co.

Puerto Rico
-American Intl. Ins. Co. of PR
-AIG Life Ins. Co. of PR


-American General Life & ACC Ins. Co.
-American General Property Ins. Co.


-Variable Annuity Life Ins. Co.
-AIG Annuity Ins. Co.
-American General Life Ins. Co.
-21st Century Ins. Co. of the SW

-AIG Travel Guard (Individual Insurance)