As many as 1.5 million out of work Americans are on track to lose their unemployment insurance benefits by the end of the year, according to projections by the National Employment Law Project, a research group.

Such grim projections, reported on by The New York Times, are resulting in lawmakers taking action.

Members of the House Sub-committee on Income Security and Family Support are planning to introduce a bill next month that would add 13 weeks of benefits to job seekers in states where unemployment is 9% or more.

For now, people in 24 states can receive benefits for up to 79 weeks, the longest period in the history of the program. In other states the range is 46 to 72 weeks. The payments, which vary according to where you live and your work history, average in at just more than $300 per week.

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Those who are seeking to extend benefits in the meantime can start by consulting the U.S. Department of Labor online. You can find out information on your specific state online as well.

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