NEW YORK (MainStreet) — In the past week, companies have been forced to recall a wide range of products , often for counter-intuitive reasons, or else for risks that should have been obvious all along. Here are the highlights:


For starters, Gerber Legendary Blades, a Portland-based manufacturer, recalled 100,000 knives on concerns that they posed a laceration risk to consumers. Needless to say, any knife can potentially cut the person using it, but the recalled items in question weren’t just any knives. These were two models of axes, one of which had a 7-inch knife that could be pulled out of the handle, while the other had a small saw that could be pulled out. But apparently, that wasn’t such a safe idea, as consumers complained that the embedded blades occasionally fell out from the handle when using the axe, posing the risk of injury.

Consumers who purchased one of these products are advised to stop using them and contact Gerber to receive a free handle cap to prevent the knife or saw from falling out.

Pogo Sticks

Bravo Sports, a California-based company, recalled 169,000 pogo sticks after receiving more than 100 complaints that this piece of equipment could cause consumers to fall or cut themselves. Of course, falling is always a risk when using a pogo stick (and part of the thrill of getting one), but this particular pogo stick was especially problematic because of a flaw in the frame that caused it to break or come apart. As a result, several people reported getting cuts and even chipping their teeth on the toy.

Consumers who have purchased one of these pogo sticks are advised to call Bravo to receive a full refund.

Diving Masks

On the other hand, there are products that were busted for doing the complete opposite of what they promise. Undersea Systems International, a California company, recalled 1,700 diving masks sold in the U.S. on concerns that the mask could pose a drowning hazard to the person wearing it. Apparently, there’s the risk that a flaw in the mask could result in a loss of air for the person using it, posing a serious risk if they are submerged underwater.

Any person with one of these masks is advised to stop using it and call up the manufacturer for instructions on how to test if the mask is faulty or not.

Jeans for Toddlers

Finally, one clothing recall may have some parents questioning the wisdom of dressing up their toddlers to look like teenagers.

Parigi Group, a company based in New York, recalled 1,600 pairs of jeans designed for toddlers due to concerns that the sequins and rhinestones on these jeans could pose a choking hazard for the children wearing them.

Parents who purchased these jeans are advised to take them away from their children and return it to the retail store for a refund.

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