PediaCare kids’ allergy, cold and cough medicines are being recalled after serious quality problems were found during government inspections of manufacturing facilities.

Certain bottles of Blacksmith Brands PediaCare Allergy and Cold, Multi-Symptom Cold, Long Acting Cough and Decongestant syrups are being pulled from store shelves on concerns that their quality may be sub-par, and parents are urged to stop using the medicines immediately.

The products were manufactured by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a Johnson & Johnson (Stock Quote: JNJ) company, which previously issued recalls on liquid Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl and Zyrtec in May due to concerns that they could be contaminated with bacteria, contain tiny metal particles or contain the wrong amounts of an active ingredient.

“The recall was not initiated as a result of any consumer reports of adverse events and no consumer complaints have been received about the safety or purity of the products,” according to a company press release.

Johnson & Johnson may have been trying to conceal the recalls, and even hired a separate company to buy its potentially-risky Motrin IB products to remove them from store shelves, according to the Financial Times.

Last fall, McNeil recalled many types of children’s and infants’ Tylenol products because an inactive ingredient didn’t meet quality standards, the company said. A letter from the firm to health care professionals said that those products were contaminated with Burkholderia cepacia bacteria.

The Food and Drug Administration previously considered banning medicines that combine cough and cold products with pain relievers from being sold without a prescription, as MainStreet previously reported.

According to the FDA, the combination drugs pose a risk of overdose and even death. Earlier this year, the agency said it recommends that the drugs not be used at all in children younger than 2.

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