Rumors have been swirling on blogs and social media outlets for a few weeks about a new Pampers diaper that has reportedly caused rashes and burns to the children who wear them. Today, the rumors escalated when some blogs began falsely reporting that Pampers had issued a recall of the products.

Pampers’ parent company, Procter & Gamble (Stock Quote: PG), responded to the rumors quickly, asserting in a press release that their new Dry Max diapers are perfectly safe and they have proof.

“We have comprehensively and thoroughly investigated these and other claims and have found no evidence whatsoever that the reported conditions were in any way caused by materials in our product. Independent physicians, highly respected in the field, have analyzed our data and have confirmed our conclusions,” Jodi Allen, Vice President for Pampers, said in the press release.

The primary concern about the diapers is linked to blisters and so-called chemical burns that many parents have written about online.

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One commenter on, a parenting forum, had this to say about the products: “I used them for a day and my son has the worst fricking diaper rash! We usually use cloth but I was stripping them that day and that’s been 2 weeks ago and we are STILL trying to get it to go away.”

Pampers also said they have reported their findings to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the government agency charged with protecting consumers, and welcome their review of the Dry Max complaints. The CPSC had no information regarding the Pampers complaints or recall rumors on its Web site.

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