McDonald’s is giving customers who bought its Shrek-themed drinking glasses $3 to return them to restaurants following a recall due to potentially harmful cadmium concerns.

Last week, McDonald's (Stock Quote: MCD) issued a recall of the glasses, which were sold for about $2 in May and early June, after cadmium was found in the paint coating them.

Cadmium is a potentially dangerous substance considered worse than lead, and prolonged exposure could lead to behavioral and learning problems, other health problems and even an increased risk of cancer and kidney disease, as MainStreet previously reported.

McDonald’s maintains that the glasses aren’t toxic and are in compliance with federal cadmium level standards, but it’s paying consumers a premium to return them following recent concerns about cadmium’s health effects.

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Consumers can return the glasses, even without a receipt, to any McDonald’s location to receive $3 back for each glass, the company says.

The recall includes glasses with Shrek, Fiona, Puss 'n Boots and Donkey themes. Happy meal toys and other McDonald’s glassware are not being recalled, the fast food chain says.

A number of products have been recalled due to the presence of cadmium since May, including friendship charms and Miley Cyrus jewelry.

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