Among the thousands of homes expected to be damaged or flooded when Hurricane Irma slammed Florida this weekend are the high-dollar celebrity mansions in Miami. 

Many luminaries spent millions upon millions of dollars building their palatial estates whose grounds include massive pools, elevators, designer and antique furniture, custom home theaters, sports cars and even a few yachts. 

It appears likely that most of them evacuated to another ostentatious mega mansion. Even Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk show host, who lambasted the media for recommending that Florida residents evacuate ahead of the hurricane and has said climate change is a liberal hoax, left his Palm Beach home in south Florida and departed for "parts unknown."

These mega mansions may have been reduced to match sticks since Irma has been deemed as dangerous by the National Hurricane Center.

Star Island, which is located next to Miami Beach, is where celebrities such as Diddy, Gloria Estefan and "Real Housewives of Miami" reality TV stars Roy and Lea Black have massive homes.

On Miami Beach, the mansions of Versace, Birdman, Dwyane Wade, Shakira and Phil Collins are the many that were in Irma's path and could face catastrophic damage from the extremely high winds and torrential downpour. 

Here are a sampling of the celebrity homes in the area.

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This is Shakira's mansion in Florida.

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Gloria Estefan's home is located by the water.

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Diddy's home is flanked by several palm trees.