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Inside the Book Bags at Financial Services Firms

Also, company stock in your 401(k), a case for after-hours trading and more on STRIPS.

A compilation of this week's Dear Dagen and Fixed-Income Forum columns.

Financial Firms' Reading Lists Heavy on Boss' Books, Backswings
By Dagen McDowell
A light-hearted look at's lists of best-selling books at financial services companies. More

How Much Is Too Much Company Stock in a 401(k)?
By Dagen McDowell
Loyalty is one thing, but there are dangers in investing too much in your company. More

You May Find After-Hours Trading Worth the Risks
By Dagen McDowell
If you can only trade after hours, factor in the risks and consider them an added cost for convenience. More

A Real-Life Lesson on Overloading a 401(k) With Company Stock
By Dagen McDowell
Also, timing a stock purchase and debating whether portfolio managers should invest only in their own funds. More

On Treasury STRIPS Prices, Japanese Accounting Standards and Islam
By Elizabeth Roy
A look at the sources, real and imagined, of price discrepancies between interest and principal Treasury STRIPS. More

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