Huge Turnout in Bearish Poll

It's no surprise bears captured sentiment in RealMoney Barometer after last week's market meltdown.
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The bears got a plurality in this week's RealMoney Barometer, no doubt fueled by last week's major drop in the stock market.

However, the margin wasn't as large as some may have expected after the approval of the $700 billion bailout of the financial services industry.

The bears took 46%, or 1,559 of the 3,350 votes cast. The bulls countered with 34%, or 1,145 votes. Neutral was the sentiment of 646 voters, or 19%.

Last week, the


lost 7.3%, the

S&P 500

stumbled 9.4%, and the


plummeted 14%.

In the sectors, commercial banks was picked as most likely to rise this week, with automakers seen as most likely falling. The credit crunch and still rather highgasoline prices are not conducive to strong automobile sales.

Below are the complete poll results.

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