Is Howard Stern Breaking Up With SIRIUS? - TheStreet

Howard Stern’s mammoth $500 million contract with satellite radio programmer SIRIUS ends this year, and now some nail biters in the media are wondering if he will stay loyal & renew, or pack up and return to terrestrial.

Given the recent problems at SIRIUS (despite having an awesome product, they still haven’t figured out how to fully monetize it, and keeping huge satellites in the sky 24/7 ain’t free), some are speculating that he will be tempted to rejoin the ranks of terrestrial radio.

Stern, however, seems to be throwing a bit of cold water on such speculations: “’I can't even comprehend it,’ Stern said. ‘But the offers are out there. And it's very comforting to me because in the four years that we've been here I've seen (terrestrial) radio decay. There's not a lot of good performers. There's not a lot of people who can attract a big audience. And quite frankly (terrestrial) radio isn't all that exciting anymore. And all of these guys that have had conversations admit that.’”

He is right about the decay of terrestrial radio. Just this morning at the gym they had some idiot local FM disc jockey blaring… he was talking about the recent passing of author J.D. Salinger and admitted he had never read Catcher in the Rye. The host then summarized the book as being about a “demented” kid who went around dating lots of women. Yep, terrestrial sucks and could sure use another truly talented shock jock—but at least it turns a profit.

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