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We’ve faced a lot of emergencies lately. The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season was the most active and one of the costliest on record. A February cold snap left as many as 4 million Texans without power. Record-breaking wildfires have burned millions of acres in the Western U.S. and Australia. There have been more than 137 million cases of Covid-19 globally since the pandemic began, with 2.95 million deaths. The virus virtually shut down the global economy for a time, and even with vaccines on the scene within a year, new troubles have emerged and new surges are occurring.

But since 2019, 826 million people in 1,925 jurisdictions in 34 countries have declared another emergency — a climate emergency — and according to Scientific American, 13,000 scientists agree the term “emergency” is necessary.

TheWorldCounts, a nonprofit created to raise awareness of global challenges, gathers data from organizations, research institutions, and news services on the current state of the planet. As the world population increases, the number of consumers grows, and we continue to overuse the planet’s resources, we will face more critical choices and life-threatening situations.

Here are 25 numbers about the planet from TheWorldCounts that you need to know if you want to survive the next emergency.

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