How to Get the Best Severance Package

Seven strategies for getting laid off -- and why it's not always bad news.
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Getting a Pink Slip May Be a Good Thing

Now that talk of layoffs abound at corporate giants such as

Time Inc.





as well as at smaller businesses, worker anxiety is undoubtedly up. If there are murmurs of downsizing at your company, it is possible to work the system and get laid off. It might sound strange, but a severance package might help you. Here's how:


How to Beat Towering NBA Ticket Prices

In a down economy, you can find tickets for top teams at bargain basement prices. MainStreet analyzed the big budget duds from last season and created a projection of which teams could be the best and worst bargains for the upcoming season. Here's their list of

NBA bargains.

Stress: Don't Let It Spin You Out of Control

People with high stress levels are more likely to have heart attacks and strokes, respond poorly to flu vaccines and catch colds than those with low levels of work or interpersonal stress. To sideline stress, you need to learn to shift your perception and the impact of stressful situations. Here are some hints on how to

beat stress