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Want to get in on the high-powered analyst earnings call? Companies now have to open the door to everyone -- not just the bigwigs on Wall Street.

If you want to listen firsthand to executives spell out their quarterly earnings -- and field hard questions from the analysts -- now you can.

Regulation Fair Disclosure (or Reg FD, for short) requires companies to send out notices of their calls because they now must disseminate material information to all investors at once, rather than selectively leaking it to analysts or fund managers. Before, it was an option, according to the

Association for Investment Management and Research.

Unfortunately, though, right now there isn't any Web site or source you can go to to automatically receive earnings notices. But there are a lot of Web sites where you can go to find out about upcoming earnings calls or Webcasts, including

Company Boardroom,, and

PR Newswire

also stores recent Webcasts at its, as do many companies at their Web sites. This can be a more convenient way to listen to a call at your leisure.