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NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Before you go in for your interview with an employer, it’s essential that you do some research into the company. Not only will this help you prepare questions and responses for the interview, but it will also help you figure out if the employer is a good fit.

As the job search site Careerbuilder points out in the video above, a job interview is a lot like a first date in that both parties are trying to figure out if there’s a connection. “As much as they are checking you out, you should be checking them out,” the site says.

With that in mind, Careerbuilder offers a few great tips for finding out more about a company before you get to the interview:

-    Visit the career section on the company website to look up details about benefits packages, perks and the general company culture.

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-    Check news reports to find out more about the company’s standing in its industry and who its competitors are.

-    Use employee review websites like and to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to work there.

-    Follow the company on social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter to keep track of big announcements. Some may even respond to job seeker’s questions.

Beyond these, we would also suggest using online tools like InTheDoor and LinkedIn’s Job Insider Toolbar to find out if you know someone who already works at the company. If so, you can ask them for their insights on what it’s like to work there. Also, if you happen to know the name of the hiring manager who will be conducting the interview, it wouldn’t hurt to research their background by using many of the same steps listed above.

Seth Fiegerman is a staff reporter for MainStreet. You can reach him by e-mail at, or follow him on Twitter @sfiegerman.