Simpsons fans rejoice. The voice actors of your favorite characters finally reached a salary agreement with the check cutters at Fox (NWS). Now after months of negotiations, which resulted in the delayed production of the show’s twentieth season, both sides have agreed upon a salary that’s more than fair for a ten hour workweek.

Core cast members, including Dan Castenella, the voice of Homer, Hank Azaria, the voice of Moe Szyslak (among others) and Harry Shearer, who also voices multiple characters including Kent Brockman, Waylon Smithers, and Monty Burns, will each earn approximately $400,000 for every episode—20 in all – and rake in nearly $8 million each season.

Here’s a look at how the vocal stars' new pay compares to the annual salaries of certain non-cartoon careerists.

Real-life folks with Homer Simpson's most consistent day job, safety inspector, are paid relatively well. They make about $61,398 a year – just enough to take care of a family of five.
Time it would take Homer Simpson's voice to earn a safety inspector's annual salary: 1 hour, 32 minutes.

The next time you’re at the local bar, give the person behind the counter a nice tip because he or she earns, on average, $15,683.20 a year. (That $7.54 hourly rate average) varies city to city, however: New York barkeeps can make up to $10.24 per hour.)
Time it would take Moe Szylak's voice to earn a bartender's annual salary: 24 minutes.

It takes money to maintain perfect hair and white, white teeth. That's why veteran news anchors make around $77,338 a year.
Time it would take Kent Brockman's voice to make a news anchor's annual salary: 1 hour, 56 minutes.

Someone has to look after the boss and take notes. Real-life versions of Springfield Nuclear Power's owner Monty Burn's assistant, Waylon Smithers, make around $62,074 a year.
Time it would take Waylon Smithers' voice to earn an executive assistant's annual salary: 1 hour, 33 minutes.

It may be hard work being an energy mogul, but it sure does pay well. Exelon Corporation (EXC), the parent company of Illinois-based Exelon Nuclear – the nation’s largest nuclear company – brings in annual revenue that exceeds $15 billion dollars. Meanwhile, total 2007 compensation for John W. Rowe, the CEO, topped out at $19,491,556!
Time it would take Monty Burns' voice to make a power plant chief's annual take: 2 years, 87 hours and 17 minutes!

That’s right, not even Harry Shearer’s new salary can top the earning power of the atom: Even in reality, Mr. Burns (and his ilk) still has power.

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