You’ve probably heard of a vuvuzela. Or, more aptly, you’ve probably heard a vuvuzela, the traditional South African horn that drowns out announcers and distracts players at each and every World Cup soccer match this year. If the horns are driving you crazy, you’ll be happy to know there are options to drowning out the sound. is selling an MP3 that will cancel out the vuvuzela noise and let you watch the games in peace. The 45-minute MP3 can be played on a home stereo system, computer, iPod or iPhone on a speaker kept close to your TV. According to the site, the filter combines the wave created with the vuvuzela with another wave of the same amplitude to effectively cancel each other out.  It retails for $2.95 and can be ordered online.

However, you don’t have to pay to have your vuvuzela killed since has given users a free do-it-yourself guide, courtesy of a German hacker named Tube. Tube’s process can be a little tricky (it involves resetting the sound frequency on a stereo, television or computer equalizer, which means every device will require a different amount of tweaking), but Lifehacker has a second option for people who prefer a little less leg work.

A British engineer named Simon has created an automated, adjustable Vuvuzela Filter that can be downloaded on your home computer. The application, written with LabVIEW, detects the fundamental frequency of the vuvuzelas and applies a notch filter to it and as many harmonics as you specify. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac software. It’s also, happily, free.

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Of course, if you still don’t understand (or trust) that any of these methods will work, you can always mute the match.

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