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The sites that help people hook up are inspiring a new generation of job hunting sites that promise to land you job opportunities that will make your heart beat a bit faster.

Unlike your average job search sites like (Stock Quote: MWW) or Indeed, some online resources aim to be out and out matchmakers for job seekers.

How They Work

These web sites can tailor search results based on your responses to an online questionnaire or details you input on your work experience and goals, addressing a common complaint among job seekers that too many job hunting resources fail to bring up results that they actually want, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

The Time Factor

In today’s tough job market, along with persistence, efficiency is particularly important.  And when a high unemployment rate means stiffer competition for the work that’s actually available, you have to consider every option you can to get your foot in the door.  Even those you may otherwise consider a turn off. Like spending 45 minutes on a Web site before you even get any search results.

Similar to matchmaking site eHarmony, to find what you want on a tailored job search site, you’ll have to be willing to commit the time needed to fill out a lengthy survey. 

Your Options

When you do set aside the time, here are a couple of options.

Bintro is a matchmaker for individuals, businesses, employers, job seekers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.  You describe yourself and what you do on your profile, and the more detail you include, the more relevant your matches will be, the company says. You can specify () exactly what you need or the services you provide, and that will be matched with other Bintro users. 

While the service allows users to create multiple searches for different skill sets, it can take 30 to 45 minutes just to fill out the questionnaire, the Wall Street Journal notes.

Jobfox says it offers job ads that match your experience, wants and needs. The site uses qualities like your skills, experience, education, salary, travel and commute, which you enter into your profile to find the best-fit job for you, even if it’s a job in a profession that you wouldn’t expect.  However, it can take about 25 minutes to fill out the questionnaire. 

While filling out profiles and questionnaires may take a little more of your time than typing a position and location into a job search site, if you’re really considering all of your job search options, a little extra time could be worth it.  And you won’t have to waste as much time sorting through jobs you don’t want, and have access to ads from top companies ().

Trovix is a job aggregator that gathers job ads on the web, including those on job boards and company Web sites, for you based on your work experience and goals, not just keywords, the company says.  Employers like Trend Micro, Hallmark and Stanford University use the site to find applicants with specific skills, experience and educational for positions they want to fill.

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