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Our climate is changing. Temperatures are rising, arctic ice is melting, sea levels are rising and natural events such as hurricanes and winter storms are becoming more powerful. With all this, the risk increases of injury, illness, and death from the resulting heat waves, wildfires, precipitation, floods and other effects.

Climate change has already had observable effects on the environment -- the effects predicted by scientists are happening now: loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise, longer, more intense heat waves and spread of disease, according to NASA.

How is it affecting you? This list is based on information compiled by the Union of Concerned Scientists on the Climate Hot Map, which shows hot spots where scientists have gathered evidence for climate changes that are already underway and where they are now assessing the risks associated with further warming. is a site that offers tools and resources to become carbon neutral, and cites evidence in support of the impacts of climate hazards on humanity. We also included information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Above, firefighters take a breather from fighting a wildfire in Southern California.

These are some of the effects climate change is having on our health and safety.

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