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Most people stay in hotels to relax and be pampered a bit, but now some of the biggest American hotel chains want you to get off your butt.

The New York Times reports that The Hotel Networks, the programming company behind the on-demand TV shows you watch many hotel rooms, has a special deal. They are now offering free workout videos to more than a million hotels nationwide. Some of the hotel chains that will be part of this deal are Hyatt, Hilton and Marriott.

More from the New York Times: “The videos, which include titles like Incredible Abs, 6 Round Slimdown and Hollywood Celebrity Circuit from trainers like Cindy Whitmarsh and Stephanie Vitorino, are expected to reach about 18 million hotel guests each month — unless those guests flip the channel and order room service instead.”

You know a country is overweight when even its hotels feel the need to get you in shape. And who knows, this deal might just get us to start working out more. After all, as much as we love being lazy on vacation, I suspect that many Americans love free things even more.

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