Hotel Chain Hiring 12,000 - TheStreet

Starwood Hotels (Stock Quote: HOT), which owns the Westin and W hotels among others, is reportedly planning to “create 12,000 new jobs worldwide in 2010, increasing its staff by more than 8%, with about half of the new positions located in the United States.”

Good news for job seekers! Thank you, Obama/TARP/shadow government/whatever… who cares! There are JOBS, people. Sweet, legitimate, paying jobs (though we should note that three times a week MainStreet posts a variety of other current job openings in our Who’s Hiring? series). Of course, competition for the new Starwood positions is likely to be more intense than an episode of The Bachelor. “The company said the jobs are expected to be in high demand, since Starwood hotels drew a record number of job applicants in 2009, with more than 10,000 people vying for 300 openings at a recently opened W Hotel,” in D.C., according to CNN Money.

300 openings, 10,000 applicants. That’s a 3 percent acceptance rate, significantly lower than Harvard University’s acceptance rate (about 7%). That’s right: stacking towels and restocking little bottles of shampoo is now a harder gig to get in America than a Harvard acceptance letter.

But don’t get down, sport. Overall, this is very encouraging news. If Starwood is expecting an uptick in demand significant enough to warrant new hires, this means our fragile economy might slowly be coming off life support and is now bound for an outpatient facility.

And the news could also mean that rich people are feeling confident again… which is really all that matters. Hopefully the dimly lit lounge areas at W hotels across America will soon be filled with hip travelers sipping $20 mojitos, listening to Moby on Pandora, tipping well… and doing their part to get America back on track.

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