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Looking for a job? Here's a cool opportunity that just might be a great new start for the right person.

The position: Story artist for Pixar

Emeryville, Calif.

Job duties: Illustrate script pages and propose story ideas. Create thumbnail sketches and detailed storyboard panels. Draw storyboards for assigned scenes, then pitch them to the director and other team members. Brainstorm creative ideas that add a sense of humor and entertainment to the film and refine the film's dialogue as needed.

The company: Pixar Animation Studios is a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company and is known for major successful films such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles.

Requirements: This job requires strong storytelling abilities that feature character, language, acting and staging. Applicants must have practical knowledge of cinematic language, along with acting and staging know-how. This role requires a strong understanding of the principles of animation, including emotion and movement. You must be able to express story and character through drawings, and analyze written scenes in order to translate them into a visual product.

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Extra perks: The company says it offers a "unique down-to-earth atmosphere" and the chance to work with a "super fun group."

Interesting info: Applicants will be required to submit a "flat portfolio" as well as a hard copy of their resume.

Other opportunities: Pixar also needs animators, researchers and engineers. 

How to apply: Apply online.

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