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Looking for a job? Here's a cool opportunity that just might be a great new start for the right person.

The position: Research software engineer

Location: San Francisco

Job duties: They want someone who will always look for ways to make Twitter better. You will oversee a variety of research programs and systems, with specific responsibilities such as designing, implementing and debugging applications and system components. You would also be responsible for coding using Java and other programs. The job involves working with large data sets, both structured and unstructured.

The company: If you go online at all — which you obviously do, if you're reading this — you have probably heard a lot about Twitter lately. It's one of the most popular social networking tools, and involves sending very short updates, called tweets, that tell everyone what you or other people are doing or thinking. Despite its recent explosion in popularity, the company says it is still a company small enough that employees are a close, tight-knit group and new hires will be able to play an important role in the company's continued growth.

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Requirements: Must have a master's degree or PhD in computer science or a related field. Must have strong programming and algorithmic skills, and understand a variety of research tools and platforms.

Extra perks: Needless to say, the Twitter offices are the kind of work environment techies dream of at night. The company headquarters are full of all the latest gadgets and state-of-the-art computer systems and accessories. Employees get free company-provided breakfast and lunch, and there's a fully-stocked kitchen that abides by earth-friendly principles such as recycling.

Interesting info: There are weekly meetings every Friday where the entire staff gets together to share drinks and snacks while brainstorming ideas, recapping the major happenings of the week and planning upcoming projects. The company says it values "talent, laughter, creativity and a sense that anything is possible."

Other opportunities: They have several openings for engineers of all types, and also need people in their operations, monetization, support and search areas. In addition, there's an opening for an executive assistant who will work closely with senior staff.

How to apply: Go online to the Twitter job page.

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