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The position: National director of organizing for the Screen Actors Guild

Location: Los Angeles

Job duties: The main goal of this position is to work with content producers in an effort to persuade them to enter into collective bargaining partnerships with SAG, thereby increasing job opportunities for SAG members. The director will manage SAG's organizing department and be responsible for directing and supervising its employees. The director will also work with various Guild segments, including the national board, local councils and member committees to educate them about organizing issues and promote a consistent, strategic vision of organizing SAG.

The company: The Screen Actors Guild is a national labor union representing more than 120,000 professionals in the entertainment industry.

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Requirements: This role requires a bachelor's degree, with advanced degrees preferred. Applicants must be able to demonstrate a track record of success in a leadership role from signing employers to union contracts to developing and implementing related strategies while organizing campaigns. Fluency in Spanish is a plus. The role requires experience within the entertainment industry, specifically involving its structure and business practices. Must have significant managerial experience, excellent interpersonal skills and good problem-solving abilities. Requires proficiency with MS Word and Excel. Candidates must have a valid California driver's license, proof of insurance and a reliable vehicle.

Extra perks: You’ll be working with in-demand and aspiring entertainers — from big-name stars to undiscovered talents — on a daily basis. You’ll also develop contacts with major firms in the entertainment biz.

Interesting info: SAG has a department specifically dedicated to protecting the rights and safety of child actors.

Other opportunities: The Guild is also seeking an editorial manager who would earn a base salary of $52,000 a year. In addition, they need a residuals business manager, a helpdesk technician and a senior Unix administrator.

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