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The position: Animal caretaker leader for the U.S. Air Force

Location: Lackland Air Force Base, Texas

Job duties: Lead and supervise kennel attendants in the care and handling of military working dogs in the most effective and humane manner possible. Will train team members in the daily operations of kennel management. Responsible for making sure the assigned daily tasks of feeding, cleaning, transporting and handling of working dogs are carried out in a prompt and satisfactory manner. Will oversee feeding procedures in accordance with written diet instructions as prescribed by veterinarians.

The company: The United States Air Force is the military branch responsible for protecting and defending via the air, space and even cyberspace.

Requirements: Must be able to perform the duties of animal caretaker leader without excessive supervision. Requires knowledge of principles and procedures related to military working dog training and related administrative policies. Must be able to analyze problems and develop timely and economical solutions. Requires experience in dog grooming, training and/or exercising, as well as knowledge of effective kennel sanitation. Good communication skills are essential, as is the ability to work well as part of a team. Must be able to handle working in adverse conditions, which may include inclement weather conditions. Job will require working in rotational shifts, which could include evenings, weekends and holidays.

Extra perks: Position comes with a full federal benefits package.

Interesting info: One additional — and unusual — job requirement: "Candidates must have a spleen." (Presumably, this is due to health issues that may arise as a result of scratches or bites from the animals.) Oh, and you must be OK with a working environment that includes "loud noises and unpleasant odors." Also, since this is considered a key position, the person will be removed from military recall status if a qualified substitute is not available during emergencies.

Other opportunities: Not surprisingly, many of the Air Force's opportunities involve planes. They need air traffic controllers, air operations planners and aircraft survival flight equipment repairers. They also have openings for secretaries, security assistants and child development program technicians.

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