Looking for a job? Here's a cool opportunity that just might be a great new start for the right person.

The position: Champion of user acquisition for Hulu

Location: Los Angeles

Job duties: The company boils the duties for this position down to one goal: acquire as many users for Hulu as efficiently as possible. This job involves not just creating the strategies, but actually doing the legwork to put them into place. Will sometimes need to lead cross-functional teams. Duties include constant analysis of current user acquisition strategies and the ability to build models to analyze potential new ones.

The company: Hulu is on online video service that allows users to view TV shows, movies and video clips for free on the Internet. The company has also become known for their edgy TV commercials featuring celebrities like Alec Baldwin.

Requirements: Must have at least three years experience in a similar role, as they want someone who can hit the ground running. Background should include experience with both online and offline user acquisition strategies, and expertise on the pros and cons of each specific tactic. Must be a self-starter with good leadership skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. Requires a grasp of microeconomics and a solid understanding of finance, and applicants must be comfortable using programs like Excel. Excellent communication skills are essential, as this position requires frequent interaction with senior people and key players outside of the company. An MBA would be helpful, but ability to demonstrate the skills associated with an MBA through work experience would also be acceptable.

Extra perks: In addition to the fun office environment described below, you would also spend some of your work day checking out Hulu's vast inventory of TV shows, movies and other entertainment.

Interesting info: The company says it has an "open, casual, interactive work environment." Notable office staples include a pingpong table, whiteboard wallpaper and ingredients for the taco-eating contests.

Other opportunities: They also need ad traffickers, software developers, campaign managers and customer support reps.

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