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Hope for Chronic Debtors, Money Hoarders

Financial Planning; Shopping Secrets; Luscious Leftovers; Stimulus Checks
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Editor's Note: Our sister site, provides a variety of features to help you save, spend and live better. Here's a sample from today's lineup:

Financial Planners Worry About Chronic Debt, Money Hoarding

Issues with money can be deeply rooted, and for people with money disorders, treatment needs to be tailored on a case-by-case basis. Recently some financial planners have taken an interest in treating their clients by focusing not only on their poor financial management, like chronic debt, money hoarding, or wasteful spending, but also on the emotional root of the problem. To learn more, please click here:

Money Disorders.

You Can Still Afford Prada If You Know Where to Shop

The economic slowdown may prompt many consumers to cut back, but you don't have to shop less to save money; you just need to shop differently. MainStreet explains how to get

More for Less.

From Dinner to Lunch: The One-Two Punch

The prospect of eating a cold version of last night's meal sends you into the leftover lunch doldrums, and eating lunch out every day can quickly bust your budget. But with a little forethought and creativity, anyone can transform leftovers into an entirely new meal. MainStreet offers a few quick and low-cost strategies that you can apply to almost any dinner. Click here:

Luscious Leftovers.

How to Get Your Stimulus Check

Some $163 million is with the IRS waiting to be cashed. Are you owed some cash?To find out, click here:

Stimulus Check