) -- Most travelers don't go to the airport hoping to spend the night in the departure terminal, but if you do wind up stranded, some airports are better than others for catching some undisturbed shut-eye.

That's according to the

Budget Traveler's Guide to Sleeping in Airports

, which just released its 15th-annual best and worst airports awards. The rankings are based on reviews sent in by readers, which evaluate each airport based on the "four C's": comfort, conveniences, cleanliness and customer service. The result is a listing of the best airports for a snooze or long layover.

For the 15th straight year, the "Golden Pillow" went to Singapore's Changi Airport, or "Club Changi," as some readers call it. The airport got high marks for clean bathrooms and couches, among other various amenities. The airport, which also boasts video games, nature gardens and showers for travelers, made MainStreet's

top 10 list of the world's coolest airports

as well.

Singapore set the tone for the rest of the list, with the top four airports all located in Asia. The rest of the top 10 are all in Europe or Canada, including Toronto Pearson International Airport, praised for its sleeper-friendly, armrest-free seating.

European airports dominated the top 10 worst airports rankings, and the site explains that "The list this year is very heavily European, simply because that's where the most airport sleeping adventures are to be had." Among the poor performers was Iceland Keflavik Airport, where overnight sleeping is expressly prohibited.

"If the guards are in a good mood, you may be permitted to stay, but you must sit there with your eyes open. No laying down or looking like you are resting your eyes," explains the website.

The sole American airport on either top 10 list was Los Angeles International airport, which ended up on the worst airport rankings due to its limited seating, poor bathrooms and general noise.

If you primarily travel domestically, your best bets for a good night's sleep are Denver International Airport, which is praised for its seating and couches; Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, which provides cots and blankets for stranded travelers; and Detroit Metro Airport. In addition to LAX, the worst airports for domestic travel include New York's LaGuardia and JFK airports, as well as nearby Newark Liberty International Airport, all of which are bad places to get some sleep.

Here are the top 10 airports to sleep in:

1. Singapore Changi

2. Seoul Incheon

3. Hong Kong

4. Kuala Lumpur

5. Amsterdam Schiphol

6. Munich

7. Vancouver International

8. Zurich

9. Frankfurt

10. Toronto Pearson International

And the 10 worst:

1. Manila

2. Paris Beauvais

3. Reykjavik Keflavik

4. Bergamo Orio al Serio

5. Kiev

6. Frankfurt Hahn

7. London Luton

8. Pisa

9. Paris CDG

10. Los Angeles International