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It’s the class every college student dreams of but never believed could exist.

USA Today reports that one college is offering a course in several cities to teach budding entrepreneurs the marijuana business after a wave of new legislation that has legalized medical marijuana in 14 states.

The infamous school in question is Oaksterdam University. “Oaksterdam holds classes in three California cities and is expanding out of state,” according to USA Today. “Students learn about the law and science of marijuana as well as how to lobby local government leaders and how to tamp down the pungent, tell-tale smell of cannabis gardens.”

The two-day intro class costs $250 and so far, about 7,000 students have taken classes with hundreds more enrolled for next semester.

It might sound like an unlikely career path, but according to USA Today, the medical marijuana business may be worth up to $2 billion in California alone. Similarly, George Boyadjian, the president and founder of the Cannabis Career Institute, told MainStreet in a previous interview that legalizing medical marijuana is “creating an entirely new industry with plenty of new job opportunities.”

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