When Jean-Paul Sartre said "hell is other people," he probably didn't have white board meetings and 80 message long email threads in mind. Still, he touched on something that would stay relevant essentially forever. Sometimes, just sometimes, other people can be a pain.

Take, for example, working in an office.

Really, short of the Stanford Prison Experiment, there aren't many better environments precisely calibrated to drive people crazy. It's why the TV show The Office become such a global hit. Especially in an era when open office floor plans guarantee maximum coziness, there's something uniquely grating about spending most waking hours with a group of people you didn't select, rarely have anything in common with and probably don't really like. The fact that you can technically quit, at the cost of penury and homelessness, only twists the knife.

And then someone comes along with "a case of the Mondays."

Office phrases like that can be a useful shortcut for communicating ideas, but at their worst, they are an irritating tic used in place of actual ideas. They can fill up the day without actually contributing anything… and here, with help from American Express OPEN, are ten of the absolute worst.

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